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Introducing the DAM Reach CRM

Automate your business!
Customer management and all-in-one marketing solution.

Relax and let the DAM Reach CRM turn your leads into customers!

Store information about your customers and market to them...

The DAM Reach CRM provides simple contact management and marketing automation in one, easy-to-use system. An all-in-one integrated solution!

Ensure you never miss an opportunity to SELL!

A FEATURE-PACKED system which is SIMPLE to use!

Easy to Use

The DAM Reach CRM was designed with the non-technical business owner in mind. No training is needed. Jump right in and you will see how easy it is.

Video tutorials are also provided which can take you through the features of the system, step-by-step.

Manage Your Clients

See all of your customer's info on a single screen - contact details, notes, to-do items, appointments and deals. No more searching around for that vital piece of information.

Clients are easy to find with easy filtering by groups and flags.

Calendars and To-Do Lists

The system keeps track of your busy business, giving reminders to follow up with your clients, meaning you won't miss out on a deal because you forgot to stay in touch.

Keep track of your appointments with the integrated calendar which allows you to drag and drop appointments across daily, weekly or monthly views and will also integrate with your Google calendar.

Designed for SMEs - it's a complete marketing toolkit!

Our integrated marketing solution means you don't need a suite of different products which are tricky to integrate - it's all included!

  • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)
  • Opt-in Email
  • Landing Pages
  • Autoresponders
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Manage your sales teams
  • Sales pipeline for deals

We combine a lot of complex concepts and functions, and wrap them up into an easy-to-use format so you can get on with running your business!


14 Day FREE Trial!

We're sure that you'll find the DAM Reach CRM a valuable addition to your business.

That's why we're confident offering a full 14-day free trial.

Try the full, unrestricted product for 14 days and if you don't see the great benefit and increase your sales, you can drop us an email and we'll cancel your account. No payment will be taken.

If you do continue to use the system, there's no ongoing contract - you're free to cancel your DAM Reach CRM at any time.

The system grows with your business!

Only pay for what you need.

The DAM Reach CRM grows with your business so it can be used by a sole trader or a dedicated marketing department.

Choose the package which best suits your business...

How the CRM has helped to transform small and medium businesses just like yours!

"DAM Reach CRM has made my job a lot easier! I highly recommend their service."

Ryan Olson
Ryan Olson

"It has completely changed the way we operate our business. The Email communication centre is incredible! We can now communicate with all staff by just one click of a button. If you want an extra employee for £47pm, I seriously recommend DAM Reach CRM!"

Rachel Dickenson
Rachel Dickenson

"I love the people who run it (DAM Reach). I love the system itself, and it's had a huge impact on our bottom line."

Chuck Charlton
Chuck Charlton

"I recommend DAM Reach CRM to anyone who wants to change the course of their business."

Jane Cox
Jane Cox

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CRM Features

  • Price
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Contact management
  • Permission-based email
  • Lead-capturing landing pages
  • Autoresponders and email drip

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